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Point Lobos, Carmel and Big Sur.

Landscapes of California Digital Photography Workshop Series

Free 8x10 print with the workshop. Rock and Pool. Pt. Lobos. 1977.

Free 8x10 print with the workshop. Rock and Pool. Pt. Lobos. 1977.

Point Lobos, Carmel and Big Sur.

A Digital Photography Field Workshop with Stephen Johnson

December 1-3, 2018

$650 for first 4 students, $750 thereafter.
Enrollment limited to 10 people

Three Days in Point Lobos and Carmel. Fieldwork at the park and visits to Photographer's Studio, Carmel Galleries. Lectures and presentations.


9am to 5pm with some optional evening critiques on Saturday and Sunday.

Registration fee must be paid in full to secure a spot in the class. Additional information will be sent upon registration.

or by phone 650 355-7507


Ansel Adams called Pt. Lobos "the greatest meeting of land and sea" on earth. It is truly an amazing combination of rock, surf, wildlife, changing light and abstraction...aqua surf, orange lichen, organic rock forms and waving sea palms. We'll walk the trails, wander the rocks, get lost in form and light

Pt. Lobos is synonymous with west coast landscape photography. It is where so many of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston's photographs were made. It is where so many photographic pilgrimages have been made. It is where Friends of Photography and countless other workshops have concentrated their attention. It is, to say the least, a spectacular and well photographed location. But it remains a place of great allure, wonderful rock formations, floating kelp forests, and amazing color of surf and wave. 

" I learned more in those two and half days at Pt. Lobos about digital photography than I have in a lifetime!  Just understanding how to use the gray card to get white balance right alone was worth all of it!!  Thanks, Steve.  Even though I live quite close to Pt. Lobos and have visited the park so many times over the years, you gave me a perspective of the beauty of this great place that I had never seen before.  And just that one shot of the curious seal made my trip.  Steve is a great teacher, artist and wizard!"

Jagi Shahani

Point Lobos Photo Gallery

"Point Lobos has a revered place in the history of photography. Stephen helped me see the present beauty of Point Lobos and shared much of its former glory. I will always treasure meeting Al Weber and spending the afternoon at his studio.

There is no better teacher than Stephen Johnson. YOU are the reason for the workshop and he is passionate about helping YOU become a better photographer. Honest, kind and always willing to help make a Stephen Johnson workshop a remarkable experience. Stephen Johnson is a great photographer- and a greater friend. His love of nature and its beauty will inspire your work." 

Paul Tornaquindichi


We'll explore this great location over the period of a few days, review our work and then go back. As part of exploring the photographic and exhibition history of the region, we'll visit Carmel photography galleries, likely eat well, and meet career photographers in this three-day immersion into classical California landscape photography.

from the 2016 workshop.

from the 2016 workshop.

The workshop will be a dynamic combination of a traditional landscape photography workshop while diving deep into the digital age. Technical and aesthetic considerations will be discussed in detail. Our concentration will be on controlling your camera's operation to achieve your desired technical results, while building composition and visual skills to make the photograph what you want it to be. Digital exposure and dynamic range, composition, emotion and amazement-all will be part of our 3-day excursion into the evolving world of digital photography.

Lodging and meals are not included.

California State Parks Pt. Lobos Map Website


"Last year I went to Point Lobos with Stephen Johnson for a photography workshop. He is very approachable. Stephen is  involved with every student during a workshop. He strived to help me see what what he sees. His help examining my choices in difficult compositions has helped me considerably.  I credit my time spent in Stephen's workshops with helping me to see beyond documenting a scene. It was my third workshop with Stephen. I am sold on his style.

Pt Lobos is one of the most spectacular coastal locations anywhere. Combine the location and the hands on advice from a master photographer and digital photography pioneer and you can't help but have an incredible experience. Meeting Mr, Weber was a special treat. We also visited a few Carmel Galleries including the Weston Gallery.  In a word - inspiring!" 

Steve Harris


Registration fee must be paid in full to secure a spot in the class. Additional information will be sent upon registration. 

Credit Card Registration online or by phone 650 355-7507

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