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Seeing Beauty in Photography

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Beauty in Photography: Inspiration and Composition

One-Day Digital Photography Seminar with Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson Studios & Gallery
Pacifica, California.

Seeing Beauty in Photography: Vision and Craft

April 21, 2018 9am to 5pm

$195 (special early enrollment price $95 for first 4)

Stephen Johnson Studios & Gallery
Pacifica, California


Why do some images move us, and others leave us cold? What makes a good photograph? What makes us pick up the camera at a particular moment? How do we work toward understanding our momentary visual curiosities and turn them into strong photographs? Why do we point the camera in one direction instead of another when the subject matter might be very similar? Why does a photographer take so long to make a photograph? What constitutes a beautiful print?


Talking about Art is hard. There either doesn’t seem to be words to describe the motivations or reactions, or there are too many words obfuscating meaning. Learning contemporary language and references of modern art criticism may help some understand art history, but “art-speak” is rarely a tongue I hear used by artists themselves. Plain talk, real dreams and real passions are what drive us forward, sometimes irrationally, sometimes with a plan. Photography fits neatly into this long and confused history.

These and other such inspirational and compositional questions will be discussed in this seminar on photographic composition. Sources of inspiration will be explored, from photography to other art forms, ideas and people. There will be no rules of composition propagated here, but explorations and suggestions. A good nuts and bolts day for improving your photographs..

This seminar is designed to help you make stronger photographs by empowering your technique and vision.

As is always the case, Stephen's workshops are full of information and he works to create a relaxed atmosphere where questions are answered, inspiration is at the core, and people return for more.