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Welcome to Stephen Johnson Photography Workshop Program. We hope you find our selection of classes interesting and useful for your needs. We take the imparting of information and the empowerment of our students quite seriously. The digital age has considerably enhanced our ability to teach, and we believe your ability to capture what you see. This program is designed to help you benefit from both of these advances. Join us on a workshop when you can.

You can also explore out Mentoring Program below..

Photography Workshop Schedule

Connecting Your Eyes and Your Heart through the Lens

Yosemite in Winter 2013 Workshop.

Yosemite in Winter 2013 Workshop.

Field Workshops
Since 1978 when I began this field workshop program, I have come to consider it one of the most effective teaching formats available. The assistance I can provide in the field helps to prevent many of the problems students encounter in the darkroom, chemical or electronic. Whether it is looking through viewfinders and discussing composition, or talking through a difficult exposure problem, these field workshops have proven to be very useful and enjoyable experience. Individual problem solving is a high priority in my workshop program. Classes are kept small to maximize individual attention.

Adding digital photography offers unique & powerful opportunities for field photography instruction:
   reviewing work on camera screens as it is made and on portable computers.
    examining exposure, composition and emotional impact
   group evening reviews can be conducted using digital projection
   high resolution prints put images to the ultimate test

Studio Workshops
I founded the Digital Studio Workshop program in 1992 in response to the growing need for education with photography’s transition from silver to digital. Having lectured on the subject for years, and taught photography for decades, it seemed a natural service to provide for which I believed I had a strong set of skills and strengths as an educator.

Since that time, thousands of students have come through the program locally, and at various locations around the US, Europe and Mexico. When people want to know the answers, we hope that they will come to us, where digital photography been done just about longer than anywhere else, taught by someone who’s pushed the technology and companies forward for 15 years, someone with decades of fine art photography experience. We invite you to join us in this program.

All Studio Workshops are conducted in our Pacifica, California Studios (near San Francisco), run from 9am to 5pm.

Overnight Accommodations link (for Studio Workshops in Pacifica, California) 

Help with Color Matching in Fine Art Digital Print Workshop.

Help with Color Matching in Fine Art Digital Print Workshop.

Fully Equipped Hands-on Digital Photography Lab
In the past, I have been frustrated in teaching digital printing. I wanted to teach hands-on classes more often, but my own space was limited to seminar and demonstration. Other labs were under-powered, under-equipped and constrained on ink and paper. I gradually became determined to build my own facility that could rise beyond those constraints.

With these desires in mind, I have assembled our digital lab with the equipment to teach printing and digital photography the way I think it ought to be done, with solid information, great facilities and careful feedback, proper lighting, time and thought.


Reactions to Crater Lake Total Solar Eclipse Workshop

Yosemite 2015 Workshop Testimonials

Three students talk about their workshop experiences with Stephen Johnson at the Maine Media Workshops June 2012.


Testimonial by student Dr. Bob Hartung on Stephen Johnson's Fine Art Printing Workshop: May 2012

One on One Photographic Help

Our One on One Consulting is an exciting formalization of work we have been doing with photographers for years. It has been one of the core interactions that has proved extremely valuable to students. 

We offer one hour sessions where individuals can book mutually agreeable times at our studio, in the field or online virtually to work one on one with Steve. Keep checking the schedule for when we are in your area.

Mentor Program

Our Mentor Program is an exciting formalization of work we have been doing with photographers for years. It has been one of the core interactions that has proved extremely valuable to students.


Online Critiques and Consulting

Stephen Johnson Photography is inaugurating a virtual consulting program to enable individual photographers worldwide to consult directly with Stephen on their technical and aesthetic photographic questions. This virtual connection is established using Skype for video conferencing.

Recent online interactions with students have included individual critiques of the student's work, digital concepts including exposure, histograms and depth of field, printing workflow connectivity and profiling, consultation on photographic projects and input on publishing your work. Ongoing work with Steve over time can provide a unique opportunity for feedback and growth.

Scholarships and Discounts

Workshop Scholarship Program In order to make workshops available to people who cannot afford them and to support students studying photography, we have started a photography workshop scholarship program. We will try to reserve a spot in every class we can, particularly field workshops. Scholarships are available to full-time college students enrolled in a photography program. Let people know who you think might be interested. Applications must be for a particular workshop. To apply, please download the application form and send it to us by mail or email

Referral Discounts: As we are always trying to enlarge our reach out to people to let them know about the workshops, we have instituted a discount policy that can be earned by referring people to the program. It is simply, if they list you are having referred them, and they take a workshop, you get 10% off the next workshop you take from us within one year. These referrals are cumulative and can even bring you a free workshop. Again, they do have to be redeemed within one year. Deal? Deal!.

Education in the Bank: On occasion we offer a special discount on future workshops as an added incentive to enroll in a particular class. This could be either a percentage of a workshop fee or a fixed dollar amount. This discount does have to be used within one year of the workshop it is attached to. 


Refunds and Cancellation (note changes): This workshop is financially dependent on adequate class registration. Where minimum enrollment requirements are not met, the class will be canceled, and a full refund given. You will be notified at least one week in advance if a workshop is not going to take place. Student initiated cancellations received prior to one month before the workshop will receive credit for a future workshop of similar value, a 50% credit will be given for notice received at least 2 weeks immediately prior to the workshop (a full credit less a $50 overhead fee will be given if another student is able to fill the spot from a waiting list). No credit will be given if cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to the workshop. Credits need to be redeemed within one year.

Workshop Spouse Policy Our workshops are designed to be intense visual experiences with fellow participants committed to photography and the workshop learning experience. Workshops often include short hikes, evening critiques and lectures. While we welcome spouses to group dinners (and lunches where practical), but would rather other activities are arranged for partners during the day when the group dynamic and size can be effected by non-participants. Thank you for your understanding.


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Overnight Accommodations
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To Register for a Workshop

Registration fee must be paid in full to secure a spot in the class. Additional information will be sent upon registration.

Credit Card Registration online by workshop page or by phone 650 355-7507.