Stephen Johnson is a landscape and natural world photographer who photographs and teaches with great passion, and an educator leading photographic workshop experiences of high craft for four decades.


Featured Print February 2019

Alan Bean at Surveyor III. Apollo 12. Moon. 1969.

After Apollo 11’s spectacular first landing on the Moon in July 1969, Apollo 12 followed on in November. The mission made a very precise landing in a more complex terrain next to the Surveyor III, that NASA sent to the Moon two years earlier.

11x11 Pigment Inkjet Print $150 each

16x16 Pigment Inkjet Print $175 each

35x35 Pigment Inkjet Print $300 each

We're offering a 11x11 inch print of the photograph, matted to 20 inch wide board and ready to frame for $195, framed in silver for an additional $100, wood for $250. Larger prints will come rolled, un-matted. This print at this price is offered through February 28. We'll be taking orders until then, and shipping them out by March 15, 2019.

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