Fine-Art Original Prints by Stephen Johnson


Original fine-art prints made by Stephen Johnson of his photographs are available directly from the photographer and from various galleries around the country. Prints are most often custom made as ordered.

Audiences from Sweden, to Germany, Ireland, England, Japan, Denmark, Mexico, New York, California and Florida have been impressed with the quality of Johnson's all-digital work. He is truly breaking new ground in technology and beauty.

Prints from all projects following "With a New Eye: The Digital National Parks Project" (1995 onward) are generally made as direct digital pigment prints. Some digital originals have been made from film-recorder negatives by traditional enlarging processes. Some vintage gelatin-silver prints are still available.

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Stephen Johnson in his gallery. Photo by  Bobbi Lane .

Stephen Johnson in his gallery. Photo by Bobbi Lane.


General Guide to Print Sizes and Prices*

  • 11x14 matted to 16x20 $800, silver frame $75, wood frame $150

  • 16x20 matted to 24x28 $1500, silver frame $125, wood frame $180

Custom Prints can be ordered for these sizes:

  • 20x24 matted to 32x40 $2500, silver frame $200, wood frame $300

  • 27x34 matted to 38x46 $3500, silver frame $250, wood frame $350

  • 40x50 matted to 52x63 $5000, silver frame $500, wood frame $900

Panoramic Sizes

  • 12x40 matted to 20x60 $1800

  • 40 inch x 20 feet $10,000

Special size prices available on request.

*Except for the panoramic, these are all 4x5 aspect ratios. 35mm format orginals are a 1:1.5 ratio and consequently, by example, would be approximately 13.5x20 instead of 16x20 with a matt sized appropriately narrower.

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