Stephen Johnson Videos

At Mono Lake 1979-1983

The original At Mono Lake Public Service Announcement featuring Ansel Adams for Bay Area Television Stations. 1984.

At Mono Lake Installation at the California Academy of Sciences Golden Gate Park. San Francisco. 1984.

Stephen Johnson's tribute to photographer Al Weber for his help on the At Mono Lake Exhibition. Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA. June 4, 2011.


Great Central Valley Exhibit PSA

Newshour Great Central Valley Feature

Great Central Valley Symposium. 1986. Author Gerald Haslam


With a New Eye: The Digital National Parks Project 1994-2000

ABC Discovery News: Stephen Johnson

Intro to the Press Conference announcing Stephen Johnson's digital national parks project "With a New Eye" June 17, 1994.

Stephen Johnson on With a New Eye at the George Eastman House. 2012 (rough cut)


The Digital Age 1993 to present

Press Run with no Proof. Radius Press View monitor and pre-press simulation tested by Stephen Johnson with Bruce Fraser, Karl Lang and Michael McLaughin at Hatcher Press, San Carlos, CA. June 5, 1996.

Language of Photography” KCSM Public TV Production interview with Stephen Johnson. 2001.

Derek Story Interview with Stephen Johnson. PhotoShop World.

6Sight 2009 Monterey Conference. Stephen Johnson Renowned author, photographer, and digital imaging pioneer Stephen Johnson will lead an exploration of the future of photography what we know today, what current technologies promise, and where obstacles remain. As a large-format landscape photographer born of the silver age, his perspectives are both classical and radical.

Stephen Johnson & the Indigo Press.

Exquisite Earth 2005-2010

Exquisite Earth Exhibition Opening 2010

Exquisite Earth East Wall installation at Stephen Johnson Photography

Exquisite Earth West Wall installation at Stephen Johnson Photography


Life Form 2013-2018

Life Form Series Introduction: Maine Media Workshops 2013

Life Form Series Introduction

Short collections of videos and stills from the PhotoPlus 2017 Galley of Stephen Johnson's new "Life Form" work presented by Canon.

Life Form Series Introduction 2018.

Life Form Series Opening Remarks: Viewpoint Gallery 2018

Other Worldly Lecture by Stephen Johnson at the Marin Photo Club. May 13, 2019.

Stephen Johnson’s Opening Lecture Life Form Exhibition. 7/21/18

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