Tutorial: Quick Depth of Field Expansion

Shasta Layered

Shasta Layered

Grasses and Mountain. Mt. Shasta

On our recent trip to Klamath Falls Oregon, we did a dawn session back over the California line onto the Klamath Wildlife Refuge. It was a lovely dawn, but it was very special indeed to have a view of Mt Shasta in the rising sun capped by a bubble cloud.

My best photograph of the scene included the grasses below the mountain in the refuge pools near me. The depth of field demands were real. I made a few photographs at f13 trying to get both sharp. I also took two images at a wider aperture (f8) with one focusing on the grasses, and one on the distant mountain.

I then opened the two photos into Layers in Photoshop, aligned them, and masked out the blurry grasses on the distant image, letting the sharp grasses and water show through on the bottom.

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