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Image Editing Two Day Intensive

  • Stephen Johnson Photography 1220C Linda Mar Blvd. (map)

A Real World Dive into Realistic and Faithful Digital Photographic Processing

January 26-27, 2019.. 9am to 5pm. Limited to 6 students

Price: $495.00

Stephen Johnson Studios & Gallery
Pacifica, California.

Topics Include

  • The Master Archive

  • RAW Processing

  • Tonal Editing

  • Color Correction

  • Black and White Conversion

  • Adjustment Layers

  • Selections and Masks

  • Sharpening

  • Color Management

  • Curves

  • Dynamic Range Expansion

  • Depth of Field Expansion

  • Perspective Correction

  • Image Aesthetics

This is a great chance to explore digital photographic editing with Steve in his custom built digital lab. Full lab access and your own work station with hands-on help and demonstrations of his use of editing tools with restraint and finesse will benefit all of your digital photography work. This class is designed with the time to really understand the processes, and to work through difficult images.

Two intensive days exploring the tools really needed by photographers for fundamental image control and finishing. Camera RAW acquisition, Color Correction, Sharpening, careful tonal control, and preserving options into archive versions of your files will be our primary concerns. Software concentration will be mainly on Adobe Photoshop, but will look at other tools as well like Adobe Lightroom. A number of images with various challenges will be worked through to satisfaction during the course of the workshop. Full lab access is provided with access to color management tools and printers. This seminar is not about compositing or faking photographs, nor is it for absolute beginners, as basic familiarity with Photoshop is recommended.

Overnight Accommodations in Pacifica, CA

An email responce on the value of the class:

The editing class covers both careful raw processing and real image editing control in Photoshop. The fact is, presently you need both tools, for different reasons, and to do different things, to really craft the best image from your digital photographic data. The class is based on the premise that a finely crafted photograph takes care throughout the process, and concentrates on processes and considerations to achieve that very special result.

The raw processor gives the user the power to pull from the raw data what the camera can see, even if not readily apparent with the default processing people usually use. Careful and purposeful interpretation of the raw data can reveal important data often hidden by defaults. The class spends time on milking out of the raw file the information you really need for the eventual photograph. This can also leave the photograph is a less than finished state, however, fully ready for the finesse of Photoshop’s editing power.

Photoshop is a great tool of fine tuning the image with precision and tremendous power. It can create selections virtually impossible for other applications, which allows edits to be accurately directed at the exact area needs and with a level of grace and subtly few other programs can match. With Layers for adjustments and sharpening, masked edits can be directed only where they are needed, brushed back to blend and easily reinterpreted as your vision of the image evolves. With Photoshop, the image editing can evolve, build, reinterpret and test for printing unlike any other app.

Our weekend will be well spent.

After all of these years of working carefully, with inspiration and restraint, I feel the editing course will be a very useful contribution to anyone serious about real world photography.

To Register

Registration fee must be paid in full to secure a spot in the class. Additional information will be sent upon registration.

Check can be sent to: Stephen Johnson Photography. 1220C Linda Mar. Blvd., Pacifica, CA 94044 (preferred), online, or Credit Card Registration by phone 650 355-7507

Stephen Johnson teaches digital photography and digital printmaking workshops in a fully equipped, hands-on digital photography lab in Pacifica, California.

For information on these seminars email or call 650 355-7507.